Current Projects 


Sowing Diversity=Harvesting Security (SD=HS)

Sowing Diversity=Harvesting Security (SD=HS) overall objective is to have indigenous peoples and small holder farmers, men, women and youth - enjoy their farmers’ rights and have the capacity to access, develop and use plant genetic resources to improve their food and nutrition security under conditions of climate change.

Building communities that are resilient to climate and social and economic changes

This project, supported by Bread for the World (BftW) aims to improve the food situation in the districts of Rufunsa, Chikankata, Siavonga and Shibuyunji. It aims to increase the number of households producing and consuming a combination of starchy plants, pulses, fruit and vegetables in the target communities by at least 50%.


Seed and Knowledge Initiative (SKI)

SKI works with smallholder farmers to become more seed, food and nutritionally secure through farmer-led seed systems, improved crop diversity, agroecology (AE) and the revival of local knowledge systems. The overall SKI Phase 2 impact/development goal is Improved food security for participating farmer communities through more resilient farmer-led seed systems and agroecology


Climate change lessons from the grassroots: In support of climate change resilient production systems

The Voices for Climate Action (VCA) project being implemented in Rufunsa district addresses food, water and seed systems, how climate change affects food systems and looks at available alternatives to support food systems through supporting seed systems. The project also addresses policy (climate finance and budgets) advocacy, to ensure that government policies, climate finance and budgets considers the needs and practices of target communities to address the climate crisis.