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Building communities that are resilient to climate and social and economic changes

This project, supported by Bread for the World (BftW) aims to improve the food situation in the districts of Rufunsa, Chikankata, Siavonga and Shibuyunji. It aims to increase the number of households producing and consuming a combination of starchy plants, pulses, fruit and vegetables in the target communities by at least 50%. It aims to increase the number of households using practices that increase soil organic matter using locally available inputs by at least 30%. In addition, the project aims to increase the production and use of quality seed by 4,000 households by 30%.


The project will strive to create local availability of all seed types that the community requires from season to season. The spirit of community seed multiplication and community seed banking will be enhanced so that the community remains seed self-reliant perpetually. Women will be deliberately targeted to ensure that households are not only focusing on incomes but of food and nutrition. The youth will also be targeted with appropriate activities planned with them for them to begin early in life to appreciate the principles of agroecology and biodiversity. The project thus strives to ensure that all participating farmer groups have at least 50% women and 10% youths and that the group leadership and other decision-making structures also have similar levels of women and youth participation.

Some key activities include:

  • Farmer trainings in sustainable production practices, value creation and food processing

  • Local seed multiplication and distribution and establishment of community seed banks

  •    Improving the organic matter of the soil, through composting, production of organic fertilizers and other soil improvement practices

  • Advocacy on seed systems

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