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Rethink! Space "From Rhetoric to Reality: Feminist Perspectives on Climate Finance"

Group picture taken after the rethink.

CTDT participated in rethinking climate finance from an intersectional feminist perspective. Akina Mama wa Africa (AMwA) under the auspices of the African Feminist Taskforce and the Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA) programme organized a Rethink! Space under the theme "From Rhetoric to Reality: Feminist Perspectives on Climate Finance" which took place from 3rd to 4th May 2023.

This space was organized in commemoration of Earth Day to inspire a deep reflection on the current climate finance architecture from an intersectional feminist perspective, invoke the sharing of compelling stories on the impact of deeply gendered and unequal climate finance structures, and proffer critical solutions to further influence climate policies and discussions from local to global level.
The space took a nuanced and multidisciplinary approach to explore new ways of thinking about reshaping the current approach to climate finance and ensure that it is gender-responsive, anti-colonial, debt free, long-term, flexible, and anti-capitalistic in its structure and mode of delivery. It brought together feminist thinkers, academia, women’s rights activists, social justice activists, and climate justice actors. Follow Link to the feminist guide on climate action.
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