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Raising the Farmers Voices on Farmer’s Rights

A farmer's rights workshop was held to capacitate small-holder farmers on the different issues affecting the realisation of farmers rights. It is important that farmers are able to speak for themselves to save indigenous seeds.

For so many years, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have been advocating for the farmers, this has been faced with so much criticism from policy makers who say that the NGO’s stance on many advocacy issues are not representative of what the farmers actually want.

Sikich Siyanga is a 64-year-old farmer from Shibuyunji who participated in the workshop. He says that the initiative of involving the farmers to actively participate and not be common spectators in issues that affect them is a timely move to be appreciated.

“The workshop has opened up our minds on so many issues pertaining to the realisation of farmer’s rights, we didn’t know most of these issues until today. What you have told us is in the right direction; it is time we stand up with one strong voice as farmers to push for what we are rightfully entitled to.

My fellow farmers, let’s stand up with one voice and save our indigenous seeds! from generation to generation we have trusted our local seeds because even with little rains, our crops still survive and we are assured of having a good harvest which ensures our food and nutrition security. With the experience that we have, the improved seeds have not been able to withstand the prevailing climatic conditions,” He said.

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