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Youths at the Center of Climate Change Solutions

Youths matching for climate justice in a youth Caravan Walk in Rufunsa

Youths have historically led the charge against environmental, social and racial injustice. In recent years, youths have continued to mobilize like never before on the issue of climate justice. Youths in Rufunsa have joined the global youth voices to demand their government to take action on climate change. Youths in Rufunsa organised themselves and conducted a youth caravan walk for climate justice. Find here the link to the youth demands during the caravan walk which was conducted in Rufunsa.

Youth have demonstrated their urgency, that time is running out and that they, as the younger generation will suffer the consequences of climate change more greatly than their parents and grandparents. See link to youth voices during the youth caravan walk.

Christabel Mambwe, a youth climate activist spoke on behalf of the youths during the caravan walk. She says that “Climate change has become a big threat to our livelihoods and existence as youths in Rufunsa. As our lived and shared experiences, we have witnessed frequent occurrences of droughts, cold spells and hot spells. We have witnessed the distraction of crops and infrastructure due to climate change which further exacerbates climate vulnerability. As these occurrences intensify, we expect devastating impacts on water, food and energy. We recognize that climate does not affect everyone equally; we the youth, children and women suffer the most impacts.”

Christabel Mambwe delivering her speech on behalf of youths during the caravan walk for climate justice.

“Climate change affects a lot of youths. When the rains are heavy, we experience a lot of floods which disrupts us from going to school. Youths should be involved when planning for climate change strategies so that their voices are incorporated, youths also have ideas to contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. Ezekiel Lungu, Youth Climate Activist.

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